Ubisoft has made it official: Getting Splinter Cell Remake!

After patiently waiting for years, Splinter Cell fans got the ultimate thing for which they were waiting- Ubisoft announced Splinter Cell remake is in development, but it’s a remake of the original game.

Producer Matt West said, “The new game will be a complete full remake in order to entertain modern gamers. What we are trying to do here is make sure that the game remains in its original state in the exact way that fans have been viewing the original Splinter Cell.”

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Ubisoft also says that they will be preserving the sense of mastery as they examine, arrange, finish and react when things get upside down- making no chaos. The original Splinter Cell is ambitious and is very brutal but that is a huge part of the game which makes it amazingly great.

Same Fisher is destructive, but what makes him and the game legendary is being a ghost and that takes an extra mile than just making everyone pop up in the head. But as Ubisoft announced the Splinter Cell remake that does not mean they won’t change the remake version!

 We are going to be dubious on the line between the old game and the comfort of the remake game so that we can surprise the new gamers but we will also make sure that the old gamers have a loyal fanbase so when they pick up the controller to play, they will have satisfaction on their face.

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“With this remake, we are building a foundation for Splinter Cell.” 2022 will mark the initial 20th anniversary of the original game which was launched on Xbox on 17th November 2002. It’s way too early to pass any judgments on the game but gamers are happy that it’s finally happening.

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