Review of Dice Legacy: Occasionally Fun Game, Somewhat Clumsy Experiment!

Dice Legacy comes in with a mix of various genres that you are probably already familiar with and with mixing these came out as a fresh and fun game. This Dice legacy critical review is the full detailed review of the game which can help gamers & non-gamers to decide if they should go for it or not.

Dice Legacy is a city builder with some colony management within its walls, all based around dice throws. It works like this: You gather resources to build structures, explore and fight mysterious forces. Dice Legacy missions take place on a cryptic generated ringworld.

In the first scene into the game, you will play as a group of survivors grounded on these strange shores. You will have to find food, metal, stone, etc. to survive specifically in the harsh winter environment. To survive it, you will send your fellow villagers to perform the task.

Expect your fellow villagers to perform your task based on the task that is shown on their dice as they represent the dice. For instance, if you want to collect some resources, you will be needing a dice that will show you the “gather resource” icon.

If neither of your dice is showing your needs, you will need to re-roll them but re-rolling the dice means it will decrease your durability. If a dice’s durability decreases below zero- it dies and as you see exactly in the colony sim, your citizens become upset if they start to die instantly.

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As you start constructing distinct structures, you can unravel various classes of dice. These different classes of dice have a certain amount of power in them. First, you get introduced to the Peasants Dice. With these dice, you can do anything right from building to fighting you can do everything.

The fellow citizens are more informative and more specialized but it requires them to research new skills. The Merchants are highly specialized in dealing in trade and wealth inflation. Monks serve as workers and healers and they help in removing wounds from dice that have gotten hurt in combat.

Soldiers are specialized in combat dice, but also work as builders. Now, having specific dice for respective roles your job can be whatever activity you want to perform but it requires juggling of specific dice, locking the unwanted ones, etc.

Combat in Dice Legacy works perfectly as you only need to have a dice that is glowing the icon of combat. Sometimes you will need other dice too for deceiving the enemy’s attack or to raid on an enemy camp. Though dice can get wounded which can be identified by cracks in them and more would lead to the death of it.

In every Review of Dice Legacy, you will find gameplay versions that are very much different because of their potential generation but the different scenarios and leaders are open to equipment. Different leaders are equipped with gameplay, have different dice and their conditions.

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This Dice Legacy Critical review also sparks its light on the game’s user interface. Mostly the game will guide you to safeguard the dices into buildings & enemies, etc. Sometimes, it gets confusing as tons of dice grow big. You simply cannot see an overview of the building.

It would have been extremely good if a single page allowed the user to assign the dice quickly. There is a way to auto place to die, but it requires you to visually identify the task.

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This Review of the Dice Legacy game is much isolated. Users will have fun in the game but might find it ideal at a certain point in time. Even users can feel that it has an impressive arsenal of dice and a booming community; they might feel constantly struggling with the UI of the game while doing basic tasks.

So, I hope that my Dice legacy critical review would have been much more interesting than you expected it to be as it contains all the necessary elements needed for the game review to make it happen.

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