11 Must-Have Arcade Games for Christmas 2021

The christmas is coming and all are excited for vacations. The family time and unlimited enjoyment, today we are bringing must-have arcade games for christmas 2021 for gamers.The arcade’s golden days are long gone, with console domination firmly established in this day and age. But, with its collection of iconic titles, odd peripherals, and gaming firsts, the arcade is still enormously enjoyable.  

Nowadays we get a plethora of alternatives. So we dug deep into the Play Store’s various titles to identify the greatest arcade games for Apple or google play that you can dig your teeth into. While not everyone’s preferences are the same, the titles we’ve chosen for this list all have some distinguishing traits.

Arcade is still not a destination to get the latest blockbusters, but it has slowly transformed into one of the finest gaming discounts. Its game catalog is diverse and frequently unexpected, ranging from family-friendly multiplayer games to fascinating puzzlers to strange story-driven excursions.

If you’ve recently purchased a new Apple device and have joined up for Arcade. The sheer amount of available games might be bewildering. There are plenty of premium and thrilling experiences waiting for you. The following are some of the top Apple Arcade games you should enjoy and enthrill in this Christmas 2021 festive season:

1. Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City

Genre: Endless runner

Alto’s Odyssey has already captivated fans with its minimalist graphic design and simple gameplay. You’ll like the calm style and revel in your own accomplishment in nailing stunts with the simple controls. Now, the team at Land and Sea games transports you to the desert in a visually stunning endless runner.

Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City Buy Here

It has mesmerizing graphics and smoothing music with simple gameplay. if you’re ever want to try and need something to pass the time on holidays, this is an excellent alternative.

2. Lego Star Wars Battles

Genre: RTS

Think of Lego Star Wars Battles as a hybrid of a conventional Tower Defense game and a larger RTS. Even if you were a little concerned about this experience, the game is fantastic and well worth your time!

 Lego Star Wars Battles Buy Here

There are trademark infusions of Lego comedy sprinkled throughout, as well as compelling mobile gameplay that will keep anyone delighted on the commute.

3. Sayonara Wild Hearts

Genre: Action 

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a bright jumble of high-octane racing and dance-battle fun. It’s blatantly gorgeous in its appearance and subtly breathtaking in its drama — shattering your heart at 100mph. 

Sayonara Wild Hearts Buy Here

Simogo has a reputation as one of the most daring and imaginative mobile developers because of its work on games such as Device 6,  Year Walk, and SPL-T. Fortunately, the production company is back and better than ever before. This is a gameplay that is, to put it mildly, out of this planet. Sayonara is the kind of game you’ll be able to get on both sides of your trip yet come back and playtime after time.

According to my opinion, it is amongst the best Apple arcade games of the year and also self-recognized as a Pop album video game.

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4. Angry Birds Reloaded

Genre: Puzzle

Angry bird is the first arcade game to smash the arcade game market. In the smartphone gaming age, Angry Birds the original has been rebuilt and somewhat tweaked for a new audience more than a decade later. After only a few moments of playing, it’s evident why this title was such a colossus back in the day, and if current spinoffs and their advertisements and MTX have turned you off. 

Angry Birds Reloaded Buy Here

Angry bird is an addictive arcade game. It is very appealing and has been fun revisiting. This one is still quite good, and if you’re too young to see it years ago, do not even miss this anymore. Take solace in this much more welcome whole package. 

5. Tetris Beat
Genre: Puzzle

Tetris beat is another title in the world of Apple arcade list. Apple offers impressive titles in the rhythmic genre. Tetris Beat combines the classic puzzler with an ever-expanding collection of bangers to help you time your tile placements.

Tetris Beat Buy Here

The aesthetics are varied and appealing, the timing-based gameplay is a nice variation on the old formula. The multidimensional audio integration for AirPods Pro creates an ambient feel, and the replay value is outstanding with new songs introduced every month.

6. Wurdweb

Genre: Puzzle

Wurdweb is one of the finest word games I’ve ever played on a mobile device.

The simple gameplay with rising complexity fuels the overall experience’s addictive potential, which is bolstered by daily challenges that freshen it up.

 Wurdweb Buy Here

If Solitaire is a game of cards, Wurdweb is a game of Scrabble. You should buy because you’re attempting to maximize the possibilities of each move. In order to achieve the greatest score while without locking yourself into a corner from which you can’t escape.

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7. The Pathless

Genre: Action

It’s a large-scale puzzler with a beautiful orchestral score and a distinct visual aesthetic. Giant Squid, the developer behind the uber-tranquil Abzu, which has been dubbed Aquatic Journey, has released a sleek action, sorta-parkourish game. The Pathless has some of the same characteristics, but it’s a far more action-packed game than the team’s profile may suggest.

The Pathless Buy Here

Buy this game to experience how to hunt. As a Huntsman, your archer abilities are put to the greatest challenge in a war between good versus bad that takes the form of fast-paced, semi-open stages as you dart about solving riddles. Something of this magnitude demonstrates Apple Arcade’s insane value for money since The Pathless alone is far worth the price of playing.

7. Mutazione

Genre: Adventure

Mutazione is rather a gardening game than as everybody mentions it an adventure game. I think it’s an injustice to say Die Gute Fabrik’s development as an adventure game. Plant gardens to generate calm acoustic soundscapes, and then dive into a tale full of twists and turns when you’re ready. In its own way, Mutazione is relaxing.

 Mutazione Buy Here

From the mesmerizing playing patterns that push you to slow it down and soak in the landscape, to the engaging plot and atmosphere that pulls you by the scruff of the neck from the first button press. Mutazione is a one-of-a-kind title that you must try.

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8. Baldo: The Guardian Owls
Genre: Action

Baldo: The Guardian Owls is a fun journey through magical lands with challenging puzzles to solve and an epic quest to unravel. The time frame of gameplay depends on your skills whether you are a skilled player, or want to do every side quest. Explore new towns and their inhabitants, fight with violent enemies, locate hidden temples, and collect mundane and magical items to obtain powerful new weapons.

 Baldo: The Guardian Owls Buy Here

Arcade game Baldo has high-quality graphics with amazing gameplay and a catchy soundtrack. The Baldo: The Guardian Owls is a handsomely rewarding gaming experience and that’s why I add it up in top arcade games for christmas 2021. 

9. Nuts: A Surveillance Mystery

Genre: Simulation

Nuts: A Surveillance Mystery is a first-person puzzle sim.Nuts: A Surveillance Mystery casts you as a wildlife researcher, trying to solve a group of wily squirrels’ nests in Melmoth Forest. Gameplay is based on surveillance and tracking. During the day record their activity on camera and see the footage at night. Observe their activity and find out their puzzling route. Enjoy the amazing visuals with nice pastel colors. Sound effects are also too good.

Nuts: A Surveillance Mystery Buy Here

A Surveillance Mystery comes with an amazing storyline and intriguing puzzles. Surely it will be an excellent option as arcade games for this christmas for your favorite gaming experience.

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10. Bleak Sword 

Genre: Action

Bleak Sword is known for dark fantasy and detailed graphics. To stay alive you have to understand the pattern of enemy attacks. Enjoy the counterattack of creatures in the forest, marshland, castle, and dungeon on their journey. Experience two moods in the game, either you can feel worried or feel like a winner after beating the level. Foe becomes more dangerous as you progress the level first from last. You can play it easily with some elegant controls allowing players to attack, counter-attack and parrying.

Bleak Sword  Buy Here

Bleak Sword has attractive graphics that keep you playing. Surely I will recommend buying it to enthrill yourself with dark fantasy.


Here we are sharing the list of the best arcade games of 2021. You can choose the best adventurous, mysterious, and thrilling game from the list. Play and comment below and tell us which one you like the most!

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