Where to meet the people of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2?

How do you meet the people of the bazaar? The game’s where to meet the people of the bazaar in dying light 2 during the only way out of the quest, is more complex and complicated than it seems like a simple meeting on getting to know the locals of the bazaar.

In this guide, we will explain to you Where to meet the people of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2? So, without any further delay let’s get into this guide.

The Only Way Out Quest Walkthrough

After you and your partner, Hakon make your way through the hospital during the markers of the plague story quest. Now it is time to move ahead to the Bazaar in the trinity with the only way out story quest. Your first mission will be to lurk in the bazaar and spend some time in the bazaar until you hear from Hakon.

Once you are inside the bazaar, you will pick up the Herzlich Wilkommen achievement and get to your next mission aim and it’s the confusing one.

Meet The People of The Bazaar WalkThrough

Inside the bazaar, there will be a vendor and a craft master. There are other sidekick people with whom you can talk. Once you approach them, they will show green only when you ping with your survivor senses. To begin your first quest, they must talk to the following characters in order to confirm that they have visited everyone:

1- Lena (near the lamp of the main entrance)

2- Carlos (Past Lena on the right side)

3- Urban (behind the bar)

4- Julian (Dairy & Vegetable Stall)

5- Craft master (Have hammer & wrench icon above his head)

6- Trader (Have bag icon above his head)

7- Ahab (leaning at the Trader’s cage)

8- Flyer (On bazaar west exterior wall, will be at the green metal stand)

The characters you are going to meet in the bazaar aren’t many but there’s a phrase- when it tells you to meet them, it actually meant to complete the side quests, an aggressive chain of networking. The main man you need to speak with is Carlos. Want to know about the game in more detail, read our Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review.

Carlos the young man will be near the entrance with The Spark of Invention side quest, and another crew Julian who runs a little storefront in the church with yellow shelves, and Julian is the one who assigns you the task for side quests.

The Spark of Invention

This mission is focused on locating some parts of Carlos, and you can find them at the Military Patrol and Hardware Store. After you give the parts to NPC, the action RPG fans simply will have to communicate with the electric panel that is located on the exterior wall of the building and talk with Carlos in the near garden to accomplish the side quest.

Cheers! How to Find Marco The Water Supplier?

This side quest commands you to find two NPCs in Dying Light 2. This is where you will find Marco the water supplier and Hans the Hunter. When in-game waypoints should lead players directly towards these characters but beginners can have trouble finding Marco.

To reach Marco, players should be able to enter a building that is marked with a waypoint and pass through a door inside which is slightly ajar. Players & fans by now should be able to use a series of platforms to drop and then again crawl through the hole in the wall which is marked with a yellow X.

Platforms Available

Dying Light 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX One, XBOX Series X, and also a Switch version s under development.

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