Homescapes: Best game For Single-player

Greeting to Homescapes! Assist Austin the butler to bring warmness and console back to his magnificent family’s manor. Come on in—adventures expect you from the instant you walk in the door!

Beat vivid match-3 stages to modernize and embellish rooms in the manor, unchaining ever more intervals in the electrifying family story along the way! What are you staying for? Make manually at home!

The game features:

Unique gameplay: assist Austin to modernize the house by swapping and corresponding pieces! Internal design: you choose what the residence will look like.

Exhilarating match-3 levels: tons of fun, featuring exclusive boosters and volatile blends! A huge, stunning manor: determine all the undergrounds it holds!

Incredible characters: watch them live their lives and cooperate with each other in the in-game social system. A cute pet: gather? bad and feathery cat.

Bid your Facebook friends to help you generate your own comfortable atmosphere in the house! Give the older mansion a whole makeover!

Demonstrate your designer skills by supplying and decorating the kitchen, hallway, glasshouse, and other house areas, counting the garage!

Thousands of plan options will give you the greatest freedom to discover your originality, transform designs any time you want, and ultimately make your dream house!

Homescapes are free to play, though some in-game items can also be obtained for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, merely turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu.


The story turns around Austin, who feels nostalgic and moves back to residence with his parents, Olivia and William.

He is in for an impolite awakening when his parents inform him that they are selling the family manor, which is in deprived condition. They experience that it would be too costly to modernize it, and due to their old age, they are incapable to do so. Nevertheless, Austin tries to induce his parents not to sell it and willingly volunteers to reinstate his ancestral home (with the help of the contestant) to its previous glory.

As the story evolves, the player (and Austin himself) study more about Austin’s childhood and Olivia and William’s younger years.

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Homescapes is a match-3 puzzle game, where the center gameplay is based on exchanging two neighboring elements to make a row or column of at least three elements. The player can get helpful power-ups and trigger them by double-tapping them or switching with another aspect.

Power-upPointObtained by
Rocketlucids 1 row or columncontest 4 in a straight line
Planeclears 4 neighboring spaces, then 1 additional in another regionequal 4 in a square
Bombclears many surrounding seatsmatch 5 in a “T” or “L” agreement
Rainbow Ballremoves all of one type of aspectcontest 5 in a straight line

The power-ups can also be exchanged with one another, ensuing in powerful combos.

Power-up Combos
2 Rocketplains 1 row and 1 column
2 Bombclears a great neighboring area on the board
2 Paper Planesclears a few adjacent spaces, then 3 spaces in diverse areas
2 Rainbow Ballclears whole board
1 Rainbow Ball + 1 Rocket, Plane, or Bombdevelops the swapped power-up, then all copies of the power-up are stimulated
1 Rocket + 1 Bombpatents 3 rows and 3 columns
1 Plane + 1 Rocket or Bombclears 4 adjacent spaces, then triggers swapped power-up in another area

To fill levels, the player must attain the listed goals in the stage (e.g. gather a number of convinced elements, place down carpet, eliminate suds, etc.). In doing so, the player will make stars to complete tasks about the house and grow further in the game.

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The game is free to play with in-app purchases, allowing the player to acquire the in-game, illusory currency with real-world money. Functionally, it works comparable to Candy Crush Saga, allowing the player to buy the capability to retry levels upon weakening them. It also embraces In-app purchasing and other micro connections.

There are also “procedures” all through the game, where the player can get unique rewards (e.g. power-ups, cash, etc.) after completing the event. One of them comprises a sub-plot revolving around Austin’s cat, who falls in worship with a female cat. The player completes particular levels to assist him to meet the cat.

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Within the first week, after its let goes, Homescapes was downloaded seven million times. By the last part of the first month, on October 19, entire downloads had attained 28 million. In October, Homescapes was the 4th nearly all downloaded game on iOS universal and the 8th mainly downloaded on Android.

Gamezebo honored the game with a four out of the five-star ranking, in general admiring the game, but sensing it was not quite as good quality as Gardenscapes.

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