Gangstar Vegas: Crime World Game on Google Play

Geared up to roll the dice on a life of crime? Then the city of Vegas is waiting for a criminal like you! It’s always a crime period for mafia cartels, so only an actual rock star could stay alive in the famous Gameloft game – Gangstar Vegas! 

Run free in an enormous open game world full of gang wars, robbery, vice, auto racing, sniper accomplishment, clan schemes, zombie killing,  street fights, and other extremely fun and completely wild, just like in your beloved crime movies!


Discover every inch of this grand open city, where every subordinate has a price.

Determine each TPS action mission, racing confronts surreptitious collectible,

and entrust grand theft auto like an actual rock star of crime.

Take an ability with your beloved casino game of choice. You know, the category they don’t play in San Andreas or New Orleans…

gangstar vegas 2

Develop into a part of the spectacular adventure saga of the mafia cartel & wage mob wars just like in the best crime movies, full of blasting six guns action, fight night boxing, street fights,

city driving & roaming around the immense open world!

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Establish your heart-racing Vegas story by boxing for the mafia cartel.

But soon you’ll be free to maintain the real grand prize as you send your own

crime tribes v. the gang world of Las Vegas city.

Keep fighting for your living through each action-packed mission (over 80!) full of burglary,

auto racing, gunfire, roaming, and fun TPS action!

You never know what you’ll clash next as unfamiliar wars, waves of tanks, and zombie clans

are just part of the route in this gangster city of never-ending crime season.

City driving further than all limits!

It’s not a robbing game,

but theft is always an alternative when you require a car on these gangster town streets!


Release the gang wars with a grand bang by fighting with Flamethrowers, Maltov Cocktails, Grenade Launchers, and even future armaments!

Try out a majestic variety of renowned weapons, including six guns, sniper searches, grenade launchers, lasers, blades, rockets, and anything else your warped plans label for. Get after the wheel of muscle cars, armored tanks, hoverbikes, fighter jets, and anything else you’ve reverie of taking for some city driving since you were a little gangster.

Organize deadly drones to give you some auto cover fire, counter strike hold up, and healing for your mission of misdeed.

Become a rock star gangster as you tailor your TPS skills and in-game gear for the highest action in this adventure saga.

Cosset your vice for manner with dozens of costumes that let you become a Vegas high breaker, zombie gangster, mafia kingpin, world boxing grand victor, auto racing pro, Shaolin fighting master, street fighter, future sniper, an actual rock star as you are, and much more!

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Nobody can discontinue you from having the top possible roaming understanding in this open world full of fun beyond the limit. I’d like to see the cops even try to prevent you! There’s a strip club in the Red Light District that always unlocks & free! Need we explain more? The Gang Wars is on, so link in and show them who’s the real rock star gangsta!


A number of software updates were furthered to Gangstar Vegas after its preliminary release, among them a Saints Row-Esque  Gangstar vs. Aliens pack, and a Christmas-themed modernize adding new clothing and automobiles such as a rocket-powered sled.

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Also, the game has since been released as a free-to-play title, with extra content available through microtransactions.

Its regular use of updating also received criticism from some fans and critics,

who noted the lack of missiles, vehicles, and costumes, and the laggy graphics.


The game established mixed reviews upon discharge, earning a  score of 61 out of 100 at Metacritic.

Touch Arcade gave Gangstar Vegas four stars out of five in an analysis, called the game “open-ended, brutal, destruction-filled enjoyment” and admired the game’s graphics,

but assessed the “hit and miss” voice acting, controls, and scientific issues. 

A more significant review came from Pocket Gamer, who viewed the game as misogynistic. Complained about its control scheme and lack of polish, stating “where its encouragement – the likes of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – is overflowing with exciting set pieces, fascinating characters, and fun gewgaws,

Gangstar Vegas is a careless, empty experience full of hollow-eyed cartoons.

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