Fortnite Reveals Imposter Mode ( Based on Among Us )

Innersloth, the developer of Among Us recently said that the team did not work with Epic Games on the Fortnite Impostors mode but. Has been working on some really cool collaborations with other indie makers.

This clears the air whether or not Fortnite developers approached Among Us. This new limited-time mode is intriguing as players are loving the mix of thrill and shooting.

Fortnite’s Imposter mode allows up to 10 players to play together which includes two imposters and eight agents. The agents would go around the map completing tasks whereas. The rival imposters would try to undo the work and eliminate them.

Moreover, as it is Fortnite, players can teleport around the area and turn everyone into bananas. A classic funny angle that we expect from this title. It brings up the same claustrophobic paranoia that made Among Us swell.

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It is all set up at The Bridge. A secret facility in the battle royale arena where the agents are supposed to complete calibrations. Repair the battle bus, and deliver reports.

Each task carries a weightage and completion of all would mean victory. As each round ends, the players come together to decide on who they think is the imposter. The agents win if they get both of them.

The imposters on the other hand have one goal, to disrupt the entire decorum. Killing or messing up the tasks agent are performing. If they can capsize all agents. To commit espionage, the imposters will have many tools at their disposal.

They will be able to temporarily freeze progress on Agent’s assignments. Teleport them to another location, and establish an emergency Peely Party where everybody looks the same because all are peels.

Fortnite itself is one the most liked games ever and the addition of. This whodunnit mode is just like the cherry on a cake.

The players willing to play the new mode can either queue up in the lobby to join other online players or set up a private party to play with their peers.

The minimum number of players required to run the model is four but. The developers have recommended at least 8 to enjoy the experience completely.

The in-game discussions to oust an imposter are accompanied by Fortnite’s own emotes allowing you to literally point at the bug.

This is Fortnite’s second take on the impersonator genre. It came up with a similar concept at the end. Last year too and it was praised by millions.

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Fortnite is a title that likes experimenting and brings forward. Innovations that are not usually seen in battle royale games.

It is good to see that the game is doing well and the number of players is increasing exponentially. Epic Games never imagined that a game meant for adventure would turn out to be a battle royale sensation.

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If you have played Among Us, you know what is in store but don’t think that the feeling is similar. Fortnite’s version looks better and is much more engaging than the indie version.

We think that this new model would take off well and will be received wholeheartedly by the player worldwide. After all, this is Fortnite! A game with crazy fans and solid celebrity promoters.

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