In this Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review, you will get to know everything you need to know about the Dying Light game. Parkour-inspired Dying Light has been in the talks due to its open world, post-apocalyptic action role play. Dying Light 2 is an open-world setting with a wide variety of main and side missions and a gripping storyline.

What adds up to that is the Parkour running, zombie killing delights, jumping mechanics, awesome melee combat, and a branching storyline that is directly impacted by the decisions you made. 

History of Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The game has been in making for over two decades by Polish developer, Techland. The first edition of Dying Light was released on January 26, 2015. The Dying Light 2 was supposed to be released in late 2021 but it was delayed as the developers decided to take more time in testing.

Therefore, Techland released Dying Light 2, after seven years, on February 4, 2022. According to this Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review, the game extracted every good element from the first Dying Light, developed it ten times better, and curated Dying Light 2 with it. The Dying Light game has at least five different endings with a few changes only.

Since the Dying Light game has multiple story paths and different side missions, it can be replayed whatever number of times you like.

Is Dying Light 2 open world?

Dying Light 2 makes a perfect example of a fun open-world game. The game is set in the city of “villedor”. Villedor is a massive open-world set in European states. The players are free to explore throughout the urbs.

The map in Dying Light 2 is comparatively four times bigger than the original map. It is divided into seven regions for easy identity and access. Each region has its own unique locations and landmarks.

So the answer to the question “Is Dying Light 2 open world?” is a big YES.

The brief storyline of the Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Humans v/s Undead:

As per this Dying Light review, the second edition is similar to the first Dying Light in a genre as it is also a zombie action survival game. Fifteen years have passed since the first Dying Light’s finale so the landscape is more fractured with scarce settlements. After decades of the apocalypse, the undead forces are found roaming around the world while growing their strength.

Humans have to fight back for their survival. Humans can prevent themselves from turning into zombies through electronic wristbands. Zombies may not stand a chance against the innovative technology yet they have an aggressive way to make their supremacy known.

In a world full of lust, betrayal, tactics, politics, and darkness within, survival of humanity is quite difficult.

Villedor, The City:

This Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review can tell you how Dying Light 2 mixes the fear of death with the fear of living to create one of the most entertaining RPGs ever. You spend most of the time in a place called “Villedor”. The town is divided into two sects – the Survivors and the PeaceKeepers.

The survivors consist of a grumpy yet hearty clan. They build safe zones on the rooftops and little farms for their further survival. The PeaceKeepers wear blue combat gear so that they can be differentiated from others. They act as local police in Villedor as per this Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review.

The main character, Aiden, and his role:

According to this Dying Light 2 Review, you play as a character, haunted by the memories of his past, named “Aiden Caldwell”.

Aiden is a pilgrim who travels among settlements to exchange goods/information and in search of his long-lost sister, Mia. Certain flashbacks show that Aiden and Mia were used in experiments as children.

An evil scientist, named Waltz, is suspected to be the key to finding Mia. Aiden is a very likable character who is defined by the choices he makes. He bosses around the city and decides who gets to live and who doesn’t.

His choices carry weight and responsibility for they either bring closure or a new beginning. You are forced to think wisely and hastily. The real treat starts when Aiden heads out on the mission as per this Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review.

Aiden is allowed to keep up a steady momentum and reach almost every location through jumping, climbing, or running. Aiden is desperately trying to reach Central-loop, the city’s skyscraper, where the information about Mia is hidden in the Fish Eye. As per this Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review, Aiden is distracted from the main storyline by side stories which include the assassination of Lucas (leader of peace Keepers).

The sub-plot is equally interesting as the main plot. The story feels a little hurried at the end due to unexpected twists and turns but is still satisfying.

Important Aspect Of Dying Light 2

Recreation of Parkour:

According to the Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review, the Dying Light 2 is built on excellent Parkour mechanics in terms of gameplay. Dying Light 2 is an exhilarating playground for kinetic two-footed combat which is very satisfying in first person Parkour. You can traverse The City in a faster, smoother, or more intuitive way.

The entire game is played in the first person. You can freely jump, run or climb throughout the whole game but you cannot hang onto objects for too long as the stamina reduces. The danger lies more on the ground so the ‘floor is lava’ approach works best.

Hopping and skipping across the town helps you avoid the pavement. Unlocked skills add extra moves to the mix of block and dodge.

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The complexity of the story:

The story itself is complex, including a lot of encounters with friends, foes, and zombies. The choice is cleverly intertwined for transversal as mentioned earlier in this Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review. Oftentimes, Aiden’s personal gain outweighs the needs of people which may make you feel guilty but they improve your combat health.


The missions are very varied and dynamic. You can switch from the main mission to another smaller mission in the nick of time. In your playtime, you have to take part in quests along with making progress in the story.

Not all missions have to be completed. Some of them do not affect the story and hence, can be skipped. The objectives are well written, placed at perfect timings with dynamic unfolding.

Solving missions can be made easier with team play. You and your team can loot, claim or conquer the risky Dark hallows.

Timed day and night cycle:

The Dying Light Game has a definite day and night cycle. These zombies sleep indoors during the day and create havoc at night. Your survival becomes difficult during nighttime.

Some missions need to be completed at night, others in a day, while some can be done as per your will. The number of undead increases relatively at dawn. The day/night cycle is fairly quick.

You can save yourself from zombies by sleeping in safe houses (zombies melt in such houses).

Character customization:

According to the Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review, this version has enhanced character customization options. Clothing and gear are also found in plenty, that too with increased ability and armor rating. Accessories and consumables can be used to heal/boost your strength.


The weapons are far more durable, cause increased damage, and are found at various places throughout the game. Some of these include Molotov cocktails, arrows, timed swords, knives, electrocution devices, etc. Weapons, however, have a limited lifespan.

The most expanded feature is the skills. A traditional RPG XP system allows you to learn new skills based on trees for Parkour and combat. You can increase your stamina and health which makes you last longer while running, climbing, fighting and lets you take more hits.

The process of finding electronic gadgets is fun. They increase your locomotive ability.


According to this Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review, combats are not as advanced as they should be. The combat is mainly melee-based and clumsy in the beginning. Melee isn’t much enhanced.

It is still fun to play or experiment with. Crafting blades, cough fire, electrocuted zombies, or dropkicks are worth using. Boss battles and swarm battles are also more enjoyable with cooperative play.

Aiden acquires the key to GRE. GRE was the medical organization that found out the cure for the first game’s outbreak in Harran.


The characters are nicely visualized even when you zoom on them while making conversations or mission briefings. According to the Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review, the PC version of this game is spectacular. The PlayStation version could do with additional visual polish.

You get three modes in PS5 – Resolution, Quality, Performance – each of which has its own specialty. Dying Light 2 has an extremely nicely designed traversal system in FPS gaming.

How many hours is Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 length for only completing the main story is 20 hours. Dying Light 2 length for completing missions as well as all side quests is 80 hours. The Dying Light 2 length is fairly long but if you compare it to other competitor games, it might seem a little shorter.

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How long to beat Dying Light 2?

Techland has claimed that it takes about 500 hours long to beat Dying Light 2. It means that you need 500 hours to finish all the conquests, missions, endings and explore every nook and corner of the fictional world.

Do you need to play Dying Light before Dying Light 2?

The story of Dying Light 2 offers a whole new locational setting. Dying Light 2 is set in European states whereas Dying Light 1 is set in the place called “Harran”. There are a few times where Harran is mentioned or referenced but it’s not in detail. As per this Dying Light review, the references from Dying Light 1 are made only in context to the virus and it’s an influence that can be pretty self-explanatory.

The players can easily catch up on the references of Dying Light 1 by watching a small recap video on YouTube. So the answer to the question “Do you need to play Dying Light before Dying Light 2?” is NO. You don’t have to play Dying Light 1 because Dying Light 2 can simply be played as a stand-alone game.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review at a glance

Platforms availablePC, PS 4, PS 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S
Developer and PublisherTechland
Price$54.99/ £54.99/ $AU99.95
Overall Dying Light 2: Stay Human rating4.5/5 


  • Intuitive Parkour mechanics and satisfying combat: 4/5 Stars
  • Variety of side missions and events: 4/5 Stars
  • Complex but accessible RPG mechanics: 3.5/5 Stars
  • Your choices affect and reflect the storyline: 4/5 Stars


  • Not as scary as expected: 3/5 Stars
  • Current-gen version is not much different from the last-gen version: 2/5 Stars
  • Occasionally unsteady voice/dialogues: 2/5 Stars


Dying Light Game developers made a wise decision to delay the release to give it more testing time. The end results are just as the fans anticipated – wonderful. Dying Light 2 is bigger, bolder, ambitious, and far more engaging. Dying Light 2 is a true journey of gaining power. According to this Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review, you may face some technical glitches but the eagerness to dance across rooftops with its undeniably excellent Parkour totally outweighs it. Dying Light 2’s streets tell their own story which is totally worth it.

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