Dying Light 2: Trailer, Release Date, and System Requirements

Dying Light 2 has been in the news for a while now. Dying Light 2 is a game set post a zombie-apocalypse. The fans have been yearning for the release of Dying Light 2 ever since it was announced to be in making.

When is Dying Light 2’s release date? The question has been bugging the fans for a long time. The new Dying Light takes place 20 years after the finale of the first Dying Light.

It is set in European states. You play as a protagonist named, Aiden Caldwell.

Dying Light 2 Release Date

The dying light 2 stay human was announced for a release in early 2020 but on January 20, 2020, the release date was delayed. Techland, then, shifted the release to early 2022. So the question that arises is “When is Dying Light 2’s release date?”

Dying Light 2 was released on February 4, 2022. The Dying Light 2 release was successful in causing a frenzy among the fans. Within a few days of its release, Dying Light 2 has become a fan favorite.

The seven years of the wait was finally over with Techland answering the most awaited question “When is Dying Light 2’s release date?” With the Dying Light 2 release, Techland has successfully created a glitch-free combat game. Hence, the delay in release due to further testing went in their favor.

Dying Light: Trailer

Techland has released many trailers for Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The most popular and recent Dying Light trailer was shared at The Game Awards 2021. The trailer shows the life of people in “the City”, a place where ethics, morality, and decency have very little to no meaning to the citizens.

The Dying Light trailer shows the day and night system. The zombies sleep during the day and create havoc at night. The Dying Light TRAILER was an amazing cinematic experience. Its animation is visually pleasing and aesthetically perfect.

Dying Light 2 – Basic Storyline

You play as Aiden Caldwell, a pilgrim who travels through the open world for business. Aiden serves as a courier between places. He is actually looking for his long-lost sister, Mia.

Both Mia and Aiden were a part of an experiment in their childhood which is the main cause of their emotional trauma. The City itself is divided into three sects: the Peacekeepers, the Renegades, and the Survivors.

The Peacekeepers act as local police and they work to keep others ‘safe’. The Renegades create chaos and take pride in opposing everything the Peacekeepers do. The survivors are pilgrims who make safe house shelters, remain neutral, and prefer staying out of trouble.

The day-night cycle is an immaculate feature in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Zombies rest in the day and hunt in the night. The players have to be agile if they want to escape or kill zombies at night for they are more powerful in their prime time.

There are also different types of Undeads (zombies) such as volatiles, demolishers, howlers, and banshees. Volatiles are fast-moving slashers, demolishers are slow-moving crushers, howlers call other undead if you’re spotted by them and banshees are clawed brutes who take long leaps.

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Hopping around through cluttered streets and crowded rooftops is an incredible experience. The game has a first-person perspective which is probably why the players enjoy shuffling on the streets and ricocheting across the rooftops so much. The skill tree is not too advanced but still advanced enough for you to gain control over your playing style.

All skills are simple yet impactful. As the game unfolds, you get to unlock changes to the surroundings like setting zip lines. Paragliders and grappling hooks are the most popular according to the fan news.

In Dying Light 2, you don’t get guns. There are other weapons such as shovels, hammers, machetes, electrocuting devices bows, and crossbows. Some weapons support modding while some have other special abilities.

The durability of weapons of decreases with their use. Kills in dying light 2 stay human can be quite merciless. The limbs sometimes fly off at distances as they are slammed hard with a hammer or two-handed axes.

The public was ecstatic to know more about Parkour mechanics when Dying Light 2’s release date was announced. With its unique combat style, Dying Light 2 allows you to optimize ranged attacks fast-moving attacks, stealth fighting, etc. Combating against zombies can be challenging.

The Parkour mechanics make you feel like a superhuman due to which you can easily defeat the outnumbered zombies.

DL2 Gameplay

Dying Light 2 has gained popularity due to its character customization features, day-night circle, open-world, weapons, amazing graphics, over-the-top Parkour mechanics, the complexity of its story, and importance to side conquests.

When Dying Light 2’s release date was announced, fans were excited to see what DL2 Gameplay has in store for them. The DL2 Gameplay is very similar to its predecessor. Techland has made conscious efforts in improving every bad feature from the DL1 or replacing them.

Aiden helps you explore the open-world environment of The City. The Parkour abilities in DL2 Gameplay are much refined with quick response. As per Tymon Smektala, chief designer, the team focused on the seamless morphing of movement mechanics with aggressive melee battles.

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The stamina in this game is also increased. The day and night cycle also holds a greater significance. Zombies are sensitive to sunlight which is why the action sequence takes place mostly at night.

Going about the city at night is dangerous and risky but rewarding, nonetheless. Dying light 2 stay human is known for its choices too. Aiden plays a major role in the storyline as the story unfolds.

He is often put in a spot where he has to choose between a public benefit or personal growth. Both choices have their own consequences. The DL2 gameplay is very nicely executed.

Dying Light 2 has raids, skill trees, looting, and a crafting system.

What is the length of Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 is a comparatively shorter game. It takes around 20 hours to complete the main mission and 80 hours to complete the missions along with all side conquests.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human – System Requirements

As soon as the question “When Dying Light 2’s release date” was answered, fans have been wanting to know the minimum dying light 2 pc requirements. With the information given below, you can see if your device can handle the game.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human – system requirements (without ray-tracing):-

  • Performance – Full HD (30 fps)
  • OS – Windows 7
  • AMD Processor – Ryzen 3 2300X
  • Intel Processor – Intel core i3-9100
  • AMD Graphics card – Radeon RX 560 (4GB)
  • Nvidia Graphics card – Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti
  • Hard drive space – 60GB

Techland developers have made the dying light 2 pc requirements very clear and easy to understand.

Platforms available

Dying Light 2 stay human is available on almost every possible platform such as Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version of Dying Light 2 is still in development hence, it is available on all platforms.

Fan Response for Dying Light

Ever since the news about “When Dying Light 2’s release date” has been out, fans have come forward to voice their opinion. Dying Light 2 has received a positive response from most fans. The only drawback of this game according to the fan news is its blant storyline.

The fans claim that the storyline of Dying Light was not up to mark as the Dying Light trailer. Every other aspect of the Dying Light has been appreciated. The game itself has no glitches, crashes, or bugs.

The Parkour system and melee combat has stolen all light. The game time of Dying Light stands at 500 hours which no one has ever beaten.

Does Dying Light 2: Stay Human have a crossplay feature?

Techland informed the users that Dying Light 2 will NOT have a crossplay feature at its launch. It means that you can not play with someone else if they are using a different console/PC. Crossplay is not possible even with the same family consoles. Techland claims to bring it soon.


When Dying Light 2’s release date was set forth, it gained a lot of popularity and expectations. It can be said that the Dying Light 2 stood upon perfectly on those expectations. It is a massive open-world game with several side conquests.

Dying Light 2 is a complete package of action, adventure, and RPG components with a compelling story and multiple endings.

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