15 Most Famous Cheat Codes Of All-Time

In today’s time cheat codes are not relevant as they were once. But there was a time when the entire internet was flooded with these cheat codes and websites were sharing these cheat codes that would change the way you played the game.

Yes, I agree that there is a certain amount of joy to becoming invincible, unlocking new items easily, or even skipping a few levels but the originality of the most famous cheat codes is that the definition of the game is changed with cheats enabled.

1. Grand Theft Auto 3- Spawn a Rhino:

Whenever we hear games in the hall of fame GTA 3 cheat codes will top the list. If we have to select one most famous cheat codes of GTA 3, it will be: Spawn a Rhino. By pressing: CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, R1, L2, L1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE (in PS 2) version of the game, GTA 3 players could spawn a rhino tank that could destroy any vehicle with a single cannon shot.

2. NBA Jam- Unlockable Characters:

Early in the days, NBA Jam was the ruling game of the curious character cameos that led to wild competition matches. It all depends on which character you are playing, NBA Jam gives you control of Bill Clinton, Reptile, Warren Moon, Air Dog, Prince Charles, Will Smith, and many more weird characters.

3. Star Wars Jedi Knight 2- Jedi Outcast:

Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 games are the main reason we never got to see the special effects in the movie, many of us could get to see in the upcoming movie what a lightsaber can do.

Now, Jedi Outcast is the container that contains the most popular cheat codes ever. When you open the classic mode, using helpusobi 1 code, Jedi Outcast users can unlock the real lightsaber combat that allows you to chop off enemies limbs and heads.

4. Metroid- Mysterious Justin Bailey Code:

The Metroid Mysterious Justin Bailey cheat code is the most popular cheat code of all time it unlocks Samu’s bodysuit and a collection of gears, weapons abiding the mastery of this cheat code that it possesses in the origins.

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5. Sonic The Hedgehog- The Debug Code:

Debug modes are pretty common for PC games but it’s unforgettable to hear that Sonic The Hedgehog has got a cheat code to insert in the game. This enables a debug mode in the game and spawn items and manipulate certain items from certain levels.

6. The Sims Rosebud Money Cheat:

As far as the theory goes, there is a way to earn unlimited money with a cheat code-named “Rosebud” in The Sims game. The Sims Rosebud cheat code can ruin the entire game that is built around the idea of expanding your character and improving your lifestyle throughout the game.

7. Metal Gear 3- Snake Eater The End Time Travel Skip:

This isn’t particularly a cheat code but a phrase but when it comes to games with cheats, it’s the best video game with the workload and has the best exploits mentioning no piece of the design of the game.

The battle against sniper “The End” in Metal gear 3 is one of the best and the toughest boss fights but if they bore you of the fight, it’s possible to skip the level.

8. Age of Empires 2- Shelby Cobra Cheat:

Age of Empires 2 has so many cheats and many memorable characters that define this game’s legacy. By using “how to turn this on” you can call out Shelby Cobra in Age of Empires 2.

9. Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Play as Akuma:

When it comes to games with cheats, Super Street Fighter II simply can’t go unnoticed. More than the game, its cheat codes were more remembered for unlocking Akuma’s character.

One more thing to note is managing this code correctly. This cheat code was so popular that some users suspected it to be a fake cheat code.

10. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2- Moon Physics:

The best thing about cheat codes is that they break a complete game and present it in a whole new avatar. That is what Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 Moon Physics cheat does with this game.

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11. The Legend of Zelda- Second Quest Secret:

You can unlock Zelda’s “Second Quest” many gamers discovered prominent features of this game by entering the game like Zelda. The best thing about this game is it’s super easy to unlock the NES cartridge in the game.

12. Doom- God Mode Cheat:

Doom’s invincibility cheat code deserves all the love from the games before memes were even a thing but Doom’s God mode cheat code changed everything for the gamers.

God Mode cheat code would give players invincibility, it would make the game easy to play and reach at any level with no hesitation.

13. The Konami Code Gradius:

The story kicks off with Kazuhisa Hashimoto working on the NES port of Gradius but finding it difficult to play it. The easiest solution was to create a cheat code for this game to give power-up to the character.

14. Mortal Kombat Sega Genesis The Blood Code:

Mortal Kombat ended in a low showdown. Gamers on both sides refused to concede any ground to their rivals in the debate over who owned a better video game console. The moment Sega Genesis owned it was possible to unlock blood in the Mortal Kombat versions.

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15. GoldenEye 007 The Facility Invincibility Run:

If we are talking about games with cheats then GoldenEye 007 The Facility Invincibility Run cheat is surely on the list. To unlock the GoldenEye 007 Invincibility Run cheat code you need to beat the facility level in 2:05 or less than 00 Agent settings. After a dozen runs, you will see how easily you can pull this off and everything will be perfectly fine.

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